I’m a mom.  I’m a wife.  I’m 29.  I’m a full time employee.  I’m a student (sometimes). I’m really bad at “About” pages. The End.

Ugh, Okay, that was a sucky attempt.  Let’s try again…My name is Tanya Ferguson…nope. Don’t like that start either.  Why are “About” pages so hard!? 

Let’s just go with the basics.  I have two kids: Gabriel and Sofia.  Gabriel is 4 and is a ball of sweetness.  He is sensitive but in a good way.  He loves to cuddle and smile and giggle.  You can stop any tantrum in its tracks by just smiling at him.  He struggles to cope with tough things like emotions, which I can totally relate to.  Emotions are tough, kid.  And they don’t get any easier! But he’s a bright kid and knowing that once, long ago before we made changes, he was headed for autism, I am proud of him and impressed by him every single day.

Sofia is 3 and is delightfully strong willed.  She’s smart and in control and she will only do things (like smile for the camera) when she decides she wants to.  Many people think she is shy because she doesn’t talk much around other people, but the truth is that she is incredibly quick and super funny.  She has an infectious laugh and loves to make up words, especially if they make other people laugh.  Her strong will is both infuriating and a source of pride for me.

Gabriel and Sofia

Gabriel and Sofia

Ryan is 32 and will be mad that I put his age out there publicly.  We’ve been married for 6 years and dated for 5 years before that.  Things get tough with us sometimes, having two small children and trying to live the dream and navigate through a failing economy with college loans, a housing market crash, and being underemployed.  But through it all, our love for each other is always there.  We rely on each other, we depend on each other, we make each other laugh and cry all in the same day.

And then there’s me.  Honestly, the previous three paragraphs tell you more about me than anything else because those three are my world.  They are who I am.  But if you were asking about my census data, I would say that I am a female, I’m 29, I am of hispanic heritage, I work as an administrative assistant, I went to college for investigative journalism but stopped short of my degree when “life” happened, I think garage sales and sleep are the best things ever, somedays I live on memories, and I love you.  All of you.  And now I need some wine.

2013-01-19 03.29.22


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