Bubble Wrap

Originally published January 7, 2008

So I was washing my hair, wincing at the pain of Tresemme in paper cuts, when my understanding of the world and God became a tiny percentage clearer. I was so excited about it that I stood there in the shower for an hour just contemplating my new theory.

I built off of my prevailing view of the world as it pertains to religion, which is basically that: we live in a world where God exists; the Bible is more or less a storybook based on facts; Evolution exists; God created the world and set it in motion (including the start of evolution) and he mostly just lets us do our own thing, intervening at moments when he sees fit. I began to see this as if we live in a bubble…everything is in this bubble, the world, the universe, other planets, existence, everything except God (and maybe the Devil) lives in this bubble. God lives outside of the bubble and he watches on, He can enter it or send somebody into it…or take somebody out of it; but for the most part he just lets it run its own course.

My epiphany began with death and reincarnation. I wondered what happened to people when they die, where do they go? Do they come back? Suddenly I saw that maybe God has a bunch of bubbles, like parallel universes, all laid out like bubble wrap. Each universe can be different or the same. They can be new or old, small or big (relatively speaking that is). Perhaps the only times that we ever leave our bubble is when we are sent to another bubble to start over. Maybe nobody ever truly dies, they just keep traveling across the different bubbles. Or maybe there is a certain amount of times that we can “travel” and after a while, He lets us live with Him, outside of the bubbles. OR maybe only a select few can live with Him, like the people that do amazing things during their time, or certain individuals like the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. There’s a lot of maybe’s out there, but one thing is for certain, I hope that God doesn’t enjoy popping bubble wrap as much as I do…


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