can’t we just like something without consequences anymore?

14 Nov

My aunt posted a facebook status with 15 interesting facts about her that people may not know.  I “liked” her status because I was happy to read it.  Then she PM’d me (that’s “Private Message” for the folks who don’t know facebook lingo) and told me that I have to do the same with a random number that she picks or else life will end as we know it, or something to that effect.

My number is 11…
1. I’m slightly freaking out about turning 30 next year
2. I’ve said “I’m in my twenties” more in this year than I have in my entire twenties
3. My kids ask me to sit on them for fun and it freaks me out
4. I really do watch cat videos all day
5. I cry with streaming tears when I’m happy and it’s embarrassing
6. I pray or make the sign of the cross every time i see an ambulance or fire truck
7. I nearly doubled my salary in 6 years
8. I’m obsessed with organizing and love anything I can put into an excel spreadsheet
9. For Halloween I dressed up as a “filibuster” using my regular day work clothes, my mom’s pink golf shoes, a copy of Green Eggs and Ham that I stole from my 3 year old, and a sign that says “kill the bill” made from a back scratcher and construction paper
10. I love driving on chilly nights with the windows down and the heat and music on full blast
11. I think our generation got jipped in a bad way
So there you go world. You’re welcome.

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