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can’t we just like something without consequences anymore?

14 Nov

My aunt posted a facebook status with 15 interesting facts about her that people may not know.  I “liked” her status because I was happy to read it.  Then she PM’d me (that’s “Private Message” for the folks who don’t know facebook lingo) and told me that I have to do the same with a random number that she picks or else life will end as we know it, or something to that effect. Continue reading


Welcome back. I killed your fish.

5 Nov

The first time my coworker Gail left her betta fish in my care, I overfed it. Like, a lot. And he got really bloated and I was sure that he was going to die. At first I wanted to stop feeding him to make up for it but then I thought that he might die from starvation so I put him on a diet, feeding him very little on a strict schedule. It was more nerve wrecking than I expected. But I learned from the experience and so the next time she left her fish in my care I was a little more prepared. Until it started blowing bubbles. I mentioned it to another coworker and he remarked that fish can die from not getting enough oxygen. I stared at the fish as it lingered in the top corner making bubble after bubble until most of the top of the tank was filled with air bubbles, positive that he was dying from oxygen deprivation. I was devastated and just prayed that the little guy wasn’t in pain as I watched him die a slow death. Continue reading