well that was a humbling experience

30 Sep

A facebook friend posted a link to a list challenge titled “100 Places To Visit Before You Die” stating that he had been to 38 of the 100 places. People started commenting below with their numbers. 34, 23, 51! etc. “How exciting!” I thought as I dutifully clicked the link to take the test to find out what my number is. After scrolling through 100 places and checking off the places I had been to, I finally got my magic number. Now I wasn’t expecting my number to be huge. I’m fairly young and had kids early on so traveling hasn’t really been something that I’ve been able to enjoy in recent years, but before Ryan and I got married, we were fortunate enough to visit a few places, including Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, a few unnamed islands – not bad for a couple of 20-something year olds! So imagine my surprise when my number came out to a whopping 1. That’s right, 1 as in o-n-e. Of the “100 places to see before you die,” I have only been to 1. And the 1 place that I’ve been to? Well none other than the Willis Tower right here in Chicago…where I live. Of Course, I’ve been to the Willis Tower. Every child who grows up in Illinois goes on at least one field trip to the building so you can pretty much say that every single person in Illinois has been there. It really shouldn’t even count, but I’m counting it, because if I don’t, then my number is zero.

So okay, maybe this post reeks a bit of first-world-problems and, yes, placing serious stock in an online test is a bit ridiculous, but I’m just going to ignore that because I’m too busy playing the victim.

Anyway, after finding out my number is 1, I decided to take another test so that I could find something to boast about so I perused through the different tests I could take: “TV Guide’s 50 Greatest Shows of All Time: How Many Have You Watched?” No. We stopped watching TV once we had kids so I don’t expect a high score on that one. Next! “Top 100 Action Movies of All Time: How Many Have You Seen?” No. We don’t go to the movies anymore because…kids. “The Works of Phillip Heselton” Say what now? Is that a person? “Foodie List: How Many Have You Tried?” Yeah right. I’m terrified of new foods. If I could get a negative score on that list I probably would. Ugh…this is depressing!

And then I see it. “100 Great Authors: How Many Have You Read?” Bingo. Now this is a list for me. Not only is it about books, something I used to really enjoy pre-kids (wtf, kids!? Stop killing my mojo!), but it is so generic and non time period/genre-specific that I might actually have a chance at getting a decent grade on this one. So I take the test and what’s my final score? Go on, guess…10? 20? 32?!…Nope. I got 46! 46 ya’ll! So maybe I haven’t been to Bora Bora, but I’ve read 46 of the greatest authors of all time according to some unknown internet person’s non scientific and highly subjective list. And that is a win in my book. (ha! see what I did there?)

I Can Read

P.S. If you’re looking to kill some time, mosey on over to this site List Challenges but be prepared to feel a little disappointment that you’re not a highly cultural, well traveled, food and entertainment aficionado.


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